Welcome to my magical world!

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Magic has always fascinated me. Growing up, I was able to develop a strong liking in magic. My parents bring me to magic shows, gave me magic sets, books and even VHS tapes as birthday or Christmas presents. I have always believed that magic is far more than entertainment. I have always dreamed of becoming a magician, a famous one.

My dream didn’t turn into reality. 20+ years later, I found myself as an entrepreneur real estate agent yet a successful one. Even if my dream of becoming a magician didn’t come true, I still believe that I was gifted with magic in another form. You see, magic is more than just tricks. It’s about belief. It’s believing in something that seem impossible to be possible. I don’t mean moving mountains or turning silver into gold. I mean believing in something bigger than yourself. Believing that your dreams can actually come true if you make it.

I don’t believe in the word impossible. For me it simply means I’m-possible.

Welcome to my magical world!

– Junee